Installation FAQ


If you find some frequent question that might be important please send it via mail to or create a new ticket in the bugtracker describing it.

These are some of the usual cases you can find while installing e-cidadania.

I have installed PIL, but e-cidadania gives errors about a JPEG decoder

You have installed PIL without support for jpglib, a library that helps PIL understand images. You need to install the package libjpeg-dev or the equivalent in your distribution.

I can’t compile PIL, it says “Python.h: The file does not exist”

You will have to install the Python development libraries in your systems, they provide the necessary files for PIL and other tools to compile. The package is python-dev (or python-devel) or the equivalent in your distribution.

The buildout crashes continuosly because it can’t reach the internet to download the packages

This is actually a problem of the pip servers, they have very annoying downtimes. Please try again later :)

The platform gives errors about a “nose” package

There can be a lot of reason for this to happen, but the usuals are:

  1. You’re trying to work in production with settings from development
  2. You’re trying to run e-cidadania from a directory that is not /src


More reasons to come.