apps.ecidadania.proposals — Proposals

proposals.admin — Administration

The proposal administration allows to edit every proposal made in the system.

class apps.ecidadania.proposals.admin.ProposalAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin)

Basic proposal administration interface since most of the work is done in the website.

List display:title, author, tags
Search :none:

proposals.models — Data models

Proposal data models are the ones to store the data inside the DB.

class apps.ecidadania.proposals.models.Category(BaseClass)

Dummy class for proposal categories. Inherits directly from BaseClass without adding any fields.

class apps.ecidadania.proposals.models.Proposal(models.Model)

Proposal data model. This will store the user proposal in a similar way that Stackoverflow does. Take in mind that this data model is very exhaustive because it covers the administrator and the user.

Automatically filled fields:
 Space, Author, Pub_date, mod_date.
User filled fields:
 Title, Description, Tags, Latitude, Longitude.
Admin fields (manual):
 Code, Closed, Close_reason, Anon_allowed, Refurbished, Budget.
Admin fields (auto):
Extra permissions:

CLOSE_REASONS for :class:Proposal data model is hardcoded with four values, which will fit most of the requirements.

proposals.forms — Forms

Proposal forms.

class apps.ecidadania.proposals.forms.ProposalForm(ModelForm)

ProposalForm is a basic form autogenerated form for Proposal model. Returns an empty form for creating a new proposal.

Return type:HTML Form

New in version 0.1.5b.

proposals.views — Views