— Calendar and events

cal.models — Data models

The calendar module calls a version of Python HTML Calendar and adds some functions to use django objects with it.

The source code is based on the work of Eivind Uggedal <>


Event calendar is a basic calendar made with HTMLCalendar module and its instance LocaleHTMLCalendar for translation.

Attributes :LocaleHTMLCalendar
Methods :formatday, formatmonth, group_by_day, day_cell
day_cell(cssclass, body)

Create the day cell.

formatday(day, weekday)

Format the day cell with the current events for the day.

formatmonth(year, month)

Format the current month wuth the events.


Group the returned events into their respective dates.

cal.views — Views

class, space_name, year, month)

Returns an localized event calendar with all the Meeting objects.

Context :calendar, nextmonth, prevmonth, get_place
Returns :Localized HTML Calendar