User accounts

The user account system in e-cidadania is abased on the django auth module and in django-userprofile, created by James Bennet.

It might be that for other installations of e-cidadania you need other user data instead of the provided by the e-cidadania default installation. In that case you can modify the data model of the user.

The file containing the data model for the user profile is found in apps/accounts/ All the fields can be replaced except age and spaces.


Remember, after modifying the data model you will need to rebuild your database. We encourage you to have some application for database schema migration like django-evolution

Users are spearated in two parts. One of them is the django user account created by the auth module and the other is the profile object containing all the profile data for the user.

Users can be created without profile, but once you try to create a profile you will have to fill it and it will be linked to the user.

Public profiles

Users have a public zone in their profiles, which will show the data they want to show.

The public data will be visible to anyone visiting the profile, platform user or not.


Be careful with the personal data you show on the net.


Currently the data on the public profile is not configurable by the users. This is expected to change in e-cidadania 0.1.5.